Recently Shannon and I spent time in San Diego working on an upcoming textile project (more about that soon …) Shannon works with me in the NY Studio on developing new designs. Arriving early we were able to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon at the San Diego Zoo at Balboa Park. We were particularly taken by how close we could get to the giraffes.

It was hard for me not to be inspired to want to add new giraffe figurines to our Jungle Collection. As they elegantly walked around I took many photos and made some notes about what we could do.

Back in NY, I met with one of our most talented designers, Larry. Larry is a master at conceptualizing and carving figurines in clay. We have worked together for many years and he has added much beauty and grace to our collection. I really wanted to see if we could push ourselves and create not one but two new giraffes standing 24 and 28 inches high. A size of figurine we have never attempted before.

Shannon and I spend time with Larry reviewing the progress he is making as he first forms the armature and then builds up the clay. We study the pose and make adjustments along the way. Larry builds specific tools to help create the texture I want for the surface.

At this point the tallest clay giraffe is finished. We will first make resin duplicates in plaster molds and then work with a sand caster in India to pour the piece in brass. From there it comes back to the NY studio where we will apply layers of enamel and hand set thousands of Swarovski crystals.

I look forward to bringing you the next set of images in a few more months when they are fully finished. Once displayed together I know they will form a striking silhouette.

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  1. I just added this site to my feed reader, excellent stuff. Can’t get enough!