Inspirations: A new adventure. A sense of renewal. A love of Indian fabrics, as seen in the archival fabrics of the Paris textile house Braquenie. The twisted exotic leaves and flowers in their tree-of-life prints are a fantasy of sultry colors.

I’m so proud to introduce the “Wanderlust” collection for spring/summer 2012. It grew from a wanting to be true to what we have always stood for, but also to open up new directions. It began with carving an alphabet of shapes — a vocabulary of leaves and flowers that allowed us to assemble romantic frames, bowls, and boxes, each with a very personal hand.

We looked for a fresh lightness in the metal by applying an antique silver finish, and hand-polished certain areas for brighter accents. Layers of translucent green enamel blend into softer yellows on the leaves, while the flowers provide bolder flashes of cornflower blue, marigold, and deep pink. Everything is set with Swarovski crystals in light sapphire, peridot, jonquil, and rose.

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