Recently, I was able to get back on the road, visiting some of my favorite Neiman Marcus stores in Dallas, Beverly Hills, and Palo Alto. My first “trunk shows” were back in the early ’80s, presenting the jewelry I was designing for Oscar de la Renta. I have found memories of traveling with Monica from Oscar de la Renta’s team as she would haul these massive cases of clothes from store to store. What I learned then—and continued to preach—is how important it is to spend time with your clients, seeing what excites them from the newest designs.

Often I have the chance to talk to them about the winding road my career has taken me on. I present my heritage as a series of chapters: childhood creativity, first jewelry collection, designing that first picture frame, etc. Today I have started a new chapter at Jay Strongwater. New partnerships in my business will allow me to bring more of my visions to life. Today we launch this beautiful new website, not only to showcase the latest collections, but to give you a better idea of what happens every day in the New York design studio.

First up are the new Wanderlust and Flora & Fauna collections. Each grouping is filled with intricately carved metal designs, highlighted with translucent enamel and sparkling crystals from Swarovski. Most everything is handcrafted in our workshops in Rhode Island and upstate New York.

I look forward to, over these next few months, introducing you to new ways to collect Jay Strongwater—from pillows embroidered with tiny crystal beads, to mahogany furniture bejeweled with metal and stones, to mouth-blown glass holiday ornaments. For myself and the very talented designers and craftspeople I have the honor of working with every day, our canvas keeps on getting bigger. We are excited to now have as our gallery to present our work.

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One Response to A new chapter

  1. Pauline Eikel says:

    Dear Jay, I have loved your work from the moment I saw some of it years ago in Nieman Marcus in Las Vegas. It is elegant, lovely and delicious. I usually go to the spot in Nieman Marcus where your collection is located and check out all the designs. I only own one small piece but I treasure it and when the economy is finally back to normal I hope to buy more. It is my kind of thing. I love glitz but I also recognize good designs and paintings. Your work is incredible.

    I was blown away by your humility and kindness. The humility was quite a surprise for someone so talented and famous – not the type we usually “see” and it was so refreshing. Made me feel like I knew you and wanted to go buy everything I could that you had made.

    I loved Elizabeth Taylor also – above being gorgeous or beautiful – she was in a class by herself. Her generosity and personality were wonderful to see.

    Very best wishes with your new endeavor.

    Pauline Eikel