Growing up for 10 years outside of Chicago, my mother had a best friend, Goldie. They both were into shopping for designer clothes and antiques. Even when we moved away, they remained very close. The above photograph is from 1978 when Penny (my mother) and Goldie went on a trip to Capri together. Goldie now lives in Beachwood, Ohio, and when I visit the Saks Fifth Avenue store there, as I did in May, I always get to see her. She looks great, as always. A week after Mother’s Day, seeing Goldie was a sweet memory of my mother.

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2 Responses to Goldie

  1. Harrice Miller says:

    I remember meeting your mom Penny many years ago, maybe it was when I was interviewing you for one of my books. She was a stunning and stylish woman, unforgettable!

  2. Betty says:

    My Mama .there are just no words to describe how wodlrefunly amazing she is, she has been through so much in her life and is THE strongest person I know! She is also very stubborn, she has been running around on an bad ankle against doctors orders, she sprained it on her Birthday, what a present huh!Nothing can keep her down! She’s ALWAYS there for anything you need, she knows how to make everything ok and mostly she’s my best friend, the only person who has ever truly stood by my side,picked me up when I’ve fallen, kept my feet on the ground and most of all, has made my life awesome! I don’t know where I’d be without my Mama! I love her bunches!