It is a unique challenge to take our jewelry techniques—the small details, the intricate stone settings—and create a wall mirror over two and a half feet in height! I want it to have a strong silhouette, to be a unique presence in a room, but at the same time, as you walk closer to the mirror, it should feel as precious as one of our picture frames.

First, Manreet worked on a series of drawings to bring the concept to life.

Then, our model maker in New York carved the entire scroll design and the individual geranium leaves that were intertwined throughout.

Because of the sheer size of this design, we work with a foundry in India to pour the scrolls and leaves in brass.

Once we have the piece back in New York, we can then add the twenty individual bejeweled flower clusters and butterflies.

Ben hand-painted glorious shades of enamel over the entire mirror, in such colors as dusty lilac, magnolia opal, and tea berry. Then, more than 3800 sparkling Swarovski crystals in rose, lavender, peridot, and light sapphire were individually hand-set throughout.

In total, twelve of our most talented artisans spend over six weeks creating each Floral Scroll Wall Mirror. I cannot think of a truer reflection of what we do so well at Jay Strongwater than this design.

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