In 2008, we made our first “large” all-metal chest, a beautiful design of intertwined scrolls accented with large crystal stones. A limited edition, this piece has long been retired. I have been wanting to create a new chest, but with a more romantic feeling.

I have been very fortunate to know and work with a very talented designer, Cyril, for over 20 years. Working together, we talked about creating the walls of the chest in a sweeping lace pattern of leaves, spacious on the side and much smaller at the bottom. The top would then be this very tangible bouquet of flowers, fully carved and capturing the blooms at their most lush. We often look at antique jewelry for inspiration of how to render flowers in metal, stones, and enamel.

A little over three month later, we had the first prototype to send to our mold makers. This one chest has more than twenty individual components of pewter assembled and finished in antique brass. Grace then worked with vivid enamel colors found in a hot house–crocus, begonia, and elderberry–to create this exuberant palette. The large butterfly, a surprise of monarch orange.

Accentuating these enamels are more than 1600 hand-set crystals in shades of rose, amethyst, fuchsia, and peridot. The corners of the chest are set with jade semiprecious cabochons. This first season, twelve of our most talented artisans spend more than three weeks to create each Genevieve Grand Floral Chest. This numbered design will be limited to an edition of 350 pieces.

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