In the past 17 years, we have only introduced three vanity collections. This spring, we are very proud and excited to be launching the Nouveau Vanity collection. Inspired by the carved details on an old piece of silver…

…Cyril started sketching how these sinuous nouveau curves and stylized romantic flowers could be the basis for a standing tilt mirror, glamorous mirrored tray, apothecary jars, perfume bottles, and so much more.

As we continued to refine the designs, we added areas for semiprecious cabochons. The tilt mirror actually became a complete turning mirror, with one side offering four times magnification.

As I so often say, I am very fortunate to work with a very talented team of designers and craftspeople. I think it is what makes every Jay Strongwater piece very special. Realizing that we wanted the Nouveau Vanity collection to have this soft, almost draped, feeling to the metal, we decided that carving the actual first model in clay would be best.

As you can see, Dawn was able to take our drawings and actually bring them to life, slowly, with her hands. We first look at very rough clay prototypes, and then over a period of six weeks, the intricate curves, flowers, and stone settings come completely into focus.

Over five months later, that first sketch has become a stunning reality! This all-metal design has been finished in pale satin gold. Layers of translucent enamel are applied to the surface in the softest of rose, celadon, and apricot, while being accented with mother of pearl and rose quartz cabochons. Of course, hundreds of tiny crystals are hand-set throughout the design, in opal, violet, and antique rose.

This one design really set the whole feeling for the new Nouveau Vanity collection. I look forward to sharing with you other design aspects of this collection forthcoming.

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