Chinoiserie, our beautiful new collection launching this fall, has arrived!

Over a year ago, we started sketching designs inspired by the iconic images found in Chinese arts: pagodas, a glazed dynasty horse, golden pheasants, fretwork, and the chrysanthemum flower. Not unlike European artisans during the 18th and 19th century who, upon first seeing the exotic arts of China, created their own designs, called “Chinoiserie.”

Dynasty horse sculptures, from the Tang period, were known for their beautiful layers of glazes on porcelain. Our Dynasty Horse Figurine slowly came to life in clay over a period of weeks until the final design was cast in metal.

We applied our enamel in golden tones over the entire horse with pale turquoise accents on the draped fabric.

The golden pheasant inspired us with his incredible plumage: golden crest, bright red body, striped “cape,” and elegant long tail feathers.

Our regal Golden Pheasant Figurine is perched high on a curved architectural base with decorative carvings, woven through with branches and blossoms.

The delight of fanciful pagodas, with their stacked roofs and strong colors, can be seen in a series of new boxes, each one with unique details. Some have multiple stacking sections, while another has a fierce dragon perched on the roof.

But the centerpiece is our newest frame, engineered with pierced doors that open and close to reveal the beauty of the inside image. Deep Chinese red enamel highlights the doors, while turquoise and jade green enamel define each roof. I think this frame beautifully realizes the look and feel we were trying to capture in Chinoiserie.

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