There is nothing like getting out on the road visiting with wonderful collectors, especially at Neiman Marcus in Fort Worth and Dallas. These were my first shows of the season, and I was very excited to be presenting all the beautiful new designs we had created for this fall, in particular the launch of Chinoiserie…

preview of holiday ornaments…

and presentation of the always-evolving Jungle collection.

At both stores, they clear out space right in our department and set up lovely tables for a lunch.

I always enjoy having some quality time to spend with our friends talking about the process of sketching, model making, and first colorations that are the background behind each new design. The vibrant colors and details of Chinoiserie seem to capture much attention, even inspiring two customers to wear their finest robes!

How great it was to meet our newest collector, a precious granddaughter.

I have had the honor of visiting these two stores for many years (starting back in my jewelry-making days), and we have dear friends in both cities who love what we create.

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