Our third Jay Strongwater catalog is here!

Forty-eight pages filled with our newest collections for fall and holiday, starting with the Dynasty Horse from Chinoiserie on the cover, and concluding with the warmth and joy of our gold-and-cream holiday decorations. In between are pages filled with the beauty, color, and bejeweled craftsmanship found in each handmade Jay Strongwater design.

I find creating each catalog has actually become a design project unto itself, almost like building a theatrical set for each page to showcase the objects. This season I worked with the beautiful handmade wall coverings of Maya Romanoff to bring deep, saturated colors and textures for the backdrop on several pages, including their lacquered rust paper behind Chinoiserie and crocodile-embossed, bottle-green paper behind the camel and eagle.

I then spend time hunting through prop houses in New York City to find everything from a full-size wood fireplace mantel upon which to hang our new stockings…

…to antique daguerreotype cases to frame our pins. I had recently seen these beautiful old cases, which were used to hold early photographs at a show at the Metropolitan Museum. I was thrilled to find a set a few weeks later to use on our shoot.

I particularly enjoyed the challenge of how to photograph our collection of holiday glass ornaments in the height of summer! Bryan and Patrick built our set of twinkling garland, and Genevieve created a backdrop of a star constellation. A few buckets of snow and we were ready to start.

Of course, we seem to spend hours moving each ornament in minute increments to find the perfect composition. All along the way our fabulous photographer, Rudy, patiently waits and adjust his lights and lenses to capture our visions for each page.

I so proudly talk about the artisans who create each Jay Strongwater design, and I feel just as passionate about our great team who spend months working with me perfecting this catalog. See for yourself–hope you love it as much as we do.

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