Outside it’s freezing, with yet another snowstorm blowing through, but inside our home, the March issues of home and fashion magazines are starting to pile up: thick with the newest advertisements, a new season, a new direction, filled with images of a glorious spring season, everything abloom, the possibilities are endless.

Maybe you have to go through a harsh northeast winter to make you relish what is just around the corner. As a young boy growing up just outside of New York City, visiting the New York flagship of Saks Fifth Avenue was intoxicating, with its stately carved wood interior and dramatic fashion on display. I can remember they once had a campaign introducing the new season at hand, and the tag line was “The Pulse Quickens.”

In our own kind of way, I think we are feeling that same sense of excitement launching our first new designs for 2014. Turning away from our more muted, jewel-toned color palettes of fall, the spring season starts with “Indigo,” a clean, crisp composition of Prussian, cobalt and cream-colored enamels. That classic blue-and-white pairing as seen in old Chinese porcelain has inspired the feel of our Sophie Hydrangea Bowl, with twisted brass-finished branches and enameled blossoms wrapping around the rim of our mouth-blown, dappled blue bowl.

A particular favorite of mine is a new frame in the Indigo Collection that has a gentle scalloped edge and has been meticulously enameled like Florentine marbleized papers.

The very talented Grace first lays down a base of white paint over the gold-finished frame. From there, she puts down the first of 25-plus parallel lines of swirling enamel in similar shades of blue.

While everything is still wet, she carefully takes her needle and drags it repetitively through the enamel to complete the fine detailed finish. One mistake, and she has to put the frame aside and start all over!

We loved the effect so much that we covered a new box in the same technique and finished it with a dramatic large jeweled dragonfly perched on top.

All of this and so much more, I can’t wait for you to see all of “Indigo” for yourself…

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