The 2014 glass ornaments are here! 30-plus new designs, each one a sparkling treasure of holiday whimsy and old-world craftsmanship. Over a year ago, we found the beginnings of inspirations in our jeweled metal collection.

Our designer Nicole first worked with us on rough sketches–followed by detailed, colored drawings–to send over to the ornament workshop in Poland. First, preliminary clay models are carved, and then finer detailed versions are made in an alabaster material to form the final molds. Their glass blowers heat up tubes of clear glass to blow into these intricately shaped molds.

Once the glass has been silvered on the inside, they can begin painting on layers of colored pigments, tracings of glitter, and of course, lots of hand-set sparkling crystals!

The flower-covered Boxwood Elephant Figurine is one of the designs transformed into glass for the holidays.

And another, the Bejeweled Cross Objet:

I am particularly excited about three of the new ornaments in the Flora & Fauna grouping, inspired by the palette of our Nouveau Vanity collection. How charming to see these soft, watercolor tones of pinks, creams, and lavenders with pearl accents for holiday decorating.

Sometimes the inspiration can be the idea of taking natural animals and “dressing” them in bright jewel-toned garlands of glitter and stones, such as the adorable Mandarin Duck and Grizzly Bear, just two of the many new characters in the Jubilee grouping.

These are just a few of the new ornaments! We are only able to make a limited quantity of each one every year, so visit today and make your selections.

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