Often we are asked to create a unique, one-of-a-kind design for a special event. Time does not allow us to answer every request, but for our good friends at Harrods in London, we always say “yes”! They were launching the Jay Strongwater shop on their new home floor, and we designed a remarkable golden figurine to mark the occasion. Working with our brass peacock figurine, we started at the crown and meticulously covered him in thousands of Swarovski crystals.

We lavishly hand-set these brilliant faceted crystals, particularly these “aurum” stones, finished in actual gold alloys.

The finished Golden Peacock was breathtaking, and the limited edition of ten quickly sold out.

I was very taken by the wonderful sparkling texture created by tightly fitting the crystals together over an enamel base. Our new Platinum Collection for fall 2014 celebrates a mixture of gold, bronze, silver, and hematite crystals hand-set over a series of striking frames and three glamorous candlesticks. Each design is inspired by the techniques polished to a golden finish on that first peacock.

The Morgan Scalloped Pave Frame is one of my new favorites in the Platinum Collection.

This elegant design is finished in 14K gold, enameled in transparent amber, and each hole along the edge is filled with a calibrated crystal stone.

We then begin to cover the entire enamel surface with 500-plus hand-set Swarovski crystals!

The twelve new designs in the Platinum Collection all dazzle with thousands of reflections from each faceted crystal.

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