Hot off the press, and heading your way, our holiday catalog is filled with some of our most inspired creations—each one originated in the hands of our artisans in New York, Rhode Island, and workshops around the world. From the glamour of the Platinum Collection, sparkling with hundreds of gold and silver crystals, to the delight of our whimsical glass holiday ornaments, each one is a charm to behold.

Turn the pages and be enchanted by our curated vignettes showcasing the 2014 collections in beautifully styled rooms. It all began in early June, when I visited various prop houses throughout New York City looking for wood furniture and interesting smaller items to properly present our newest collections on.

Once everything is back in our studio, we carefully design how each page will look. Soon thereafter, our fabulous photographer, Rudy, arrives with his lights and cameras, and we madly run around trying to set up each new setting along the walls of the studio.

It all looks so elegant now in the catalog, but behind the scenes we are clamping, taping, and holding it all together with a few pushpins.

We stare at each image on the screen, move something a quarter of an inch, and try again and again to capture all the details, colors, and passion in each Jay Strongwater design. I think we succeeded!

A little over two weeks later, we pack it all up and begin the process of editing the images to the best ones for the new catalog: forty-eight pages full of our superlative gifts for your loved ones (and for you!) this holiday season. You can shop the interactive e-catalog on our website right now. Let us know if somehow we left you or a friend off our mailing list, and we will make sure everyone receives a copy!

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One Response to Holiday Catalog

  1. Joanne Simon says:

    Everything is si beautiful and well made. It is a joy to behold…