After—what, maybe 18 years?—I have made my first beaded necklaces in quite some time!


In 1997, as our burgeoning bejeweled home collection was gaining momentum, bold fashion jewelry was, well, not in fashion. I put away our beads and never looked back. But along the road, as we developed new home collections, I would see a detail here, or a new technique and coloration that made me wonder how it might look on jewelry.

As we have been celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, I thought it might be fun to go back to where it all began and add a few new necklaces to the collection. We created beaded mélanges of jet and golden crystals, with faceted bronze beads and freshwater pearls…


…as well as some longer chain styles with articulated owl and key pendants, and a pearl-studded cross.


Our collections for the home require many talented hands, engineering the complex designs to completion. Jewelry—specifically the beaded element—is much more personal. Just me, trays of beautiful beads, and chain, making each one by hand right here in the New York Studio.


Of course I worked with our friends at Swarovski, selecting their finest sparkling crystal beads, as well as our precious stone suppliers, who provide beautiful tiger’s eye, turquoise, and black obsidian beads, and freshwater pearls.


I always have been obsessed with a well-made necklace closure, specifically one the felt good in the hands and cleanly finished the necklace—not unlike how the back of our picture frames are as finished as the fronts. These first necklaces are no exception: sleek polished metal, finished in 18K gold, that gently curves toward the back of the neck, tapering to a clasp.


I look forward to sharing more jewelry ideas with you these forthcoming seasons. I guess it truly is like riding a bicycle…

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One Response to 20th Anniversary Jewelry

  1. Cheryl Smith says:

    I love the crystal owl that you created. I’m sure it takes a steady hand. Typically, how long does it take you to create a piece like that?